Second chance

Time to start again,
Write a new chapter,
Take that second chance,
Seek stability and
Something to hang onto,
A refuge from the world,
Play music every day
With no particular reason,
Write new songs with
Words that drip
From my wounded pen,
Too much of nothing
Will never be enough.

I’m not in any hurry
To celebrate Valentine’s Day,
Until the time suits me,
When the songs of the past
Are no longer
Reflections of my soul
But forgotten dreams,
Only then will we walk together,
And you can hold my hand,
And we will breathe the same air,
And share the same space
On those old hunting grounds.

Scenes outside the window

Rushing about like so many fire trucks
on their way to a blaze,
Business suits hustle in and out,
Grey buildings lean against each other.

An autumn leaf strolls down the street
With no particular thoughts,
Meandering by as the breeze whips
Around the corner to meet its lunch date.

A pair of running shoes hurry by,
They have no time to stop and think,
Darting across the road as
Silent cars move in for the kill.

A bright pair of spiky heels walks smartly,
Arms folded against the chill,
Deep in serious thought as
Trees timidly sprout new buds.

Online dating

Dear Mr Zero,
I should very much like to meet you,
Where the nothingness shows through
And everything is elemental and equal.
Your words float around my head like a zephyr
And I can see you have nothing to say
No matter how much I wish you
Would take me to a higher level.
Perhaps you will let me go far enough
To get a glimpse inside your head
So I can say I’ve been there.
But don’t think for one minute
That it’s an invitation for you
To prise me open with your blindness
Or to grope in the dark
On your dusty sheets
Because I’m not looking
To get that close to you,
Even though my hands are on fire,
And I know you are never
Short of female admirers,
As long as they are bubbly and blonde,
Besides, what would you do
With a warm, headstrong and volatile
Woman when all you need
Is to serve yourself then run.
So in answer to your question,
Yes, you can meet me for a coffee
And look into my blue eyes.
Yours in emptiness,
Popular Girl

On the road to amazing


Everyone has a gift when they’re born,
But it can be a hard road trying to find it
Through all the twists and turns and
Dark alleys and side streets and
Back country roads, where sometimes
You get lost and then have to
Stop and catch your breath for a while
And look around for help, but when
You come to the end of one road
There will be another for you to find
As long as you keep looking.
So whether you are a writer or a poet
Or a dancer or a gymnast
Or an artist or a swimmer,
Somewhere deep inside you will find
A fire burning, something that will
Never let you give up or surrender
Or back down from the challenge.
So nurture that flame, fan that fire,
Find your dream and follow wherever
It might lead you, because if a dream
Is worth having then it is worth
Fighting for, and one day
You won’t just be good
You will be amazing.

On steel rails


No matter where you wander,
You can never lose the thrill,
Of listening to the deep rumble
Bouncing off the hills,
As a diesel engine
Hurries through the night.
From early memories come scenes
Of platforms and old stations,
Isolated signal boxes, abandoned
Coal loaders and brake vans,
And tracks that were always
Coming or going anywhere else.
Some of them were characters
And we remember them by name,
The down mail and the Limited,
They were always more than trains,
And the Aurora, Spirit and Indian,
Live on in our hearts.
Others worked hard each day
For the pleasure of carting some
Up coal or down livestock, or
Waiting for the shunter to come,
Before going home to loco without
Being given a second thought.
But now those railway days are gone,
They seem so long ago,
And superfreights and steel trains
Are now the status quo,
As they roar past, with barely a glance
At the old retired station master’s home.
But whether you are waiting in a
Crossing loop, or trying to make up time,
Or working on the backshift,
Or a fettler on the line,
Or lugging parcels, or changing signal lights,
You’ll always be a friend of mine.

Never be the same

We were walking, holding hands,
Footsteps washed away in the sand,
Talking about future,
Forever on our lips,
The touch of fingertips
Would never be the same again.

Sitting together in the old cafe,
We had run out of words to say,
Eyes were filled, blotting out the day,
We had run our race,
It was time to face
We’d never be the same again.

Looking for hints of old boyfriends,
An aching hurt that’s trying to mend,
Keep searching right to the end,
Going through the blues,
Anyone can be used
And never be the same again.

Morning song


I woke this morning,
On my own,
Outside, the fog
Hid the world
While the birds sang
Their morning chorus.
The insistent chirp
Of the sparrow
Tells me it is
Time to rise
As there are things
To be done,
But it is Sunday
And I would much
Rather listen to the
Jaunty warble of
The magpie as he
Promises a day
Of freedom from the
Problems of the world.
Nearby I can hear
The beautiful rosella
Calling out to his
Lover to reassure
Her that she is
The centre of the world.
Over the back fence
The irascible cockatoos
Are arguing amongst
Themselves about
Something that happened
On the way home
Last weekend.
The elegant currawong
Urges me to rise
And tackle the day
With great exuberance,
But while the mad
Galahs rush about
On their early morning
Run, I can only
Roll the pillow over
My head and
Block out the persistent
Call of that brat
The pee wee,
Who doesn’t understand
The joys of a Sunday
morning sleep in.
But then it’s hard
To take the kookaburra
Laughing at my plight,
So like the timid lyre bird
I take my first
Tentative steps on the
Cold floor and begin
To scratch up my breakfast.


Once I was drifting from town to town
I was lost
Never stopping to put any roots down
I was lost
Picking up girls in night clubs and bars
I was lost
No-one to hold or call my own
I was lost

I was lost
With no direction home
I was lost
Those wheels kept rolling on
I was lost
I was lost

Searching for friends in the faces I saw
I was lost
Looking for someone who could give me more
I was lost
Hardened my heart to keep out the pain
I was lost
Left standing in the cold winter rain
I was lost

I was lost
With no direction home
I was lost
Those wheels kept rolling on
I was lost
I was lost

Heart of stone


You picked it up on a beach
And held it in your hand
With a bunch of other stones,
I’m not sure what caught your eye,
Perhaps you just liked its shape,
Just the right size and weight
For your liking,
But I don’t think you
Could have looked too closely,
Or you would have seen the sparkles,
The splashes of colour,
The wonderful texture
That was unlike any other
And made it so special,
No, I don’t think you could have
Looked very closely
Or you might have realised
What a treasure you had found,
Taken it home to a special place
Where you could admire it
Over breakfast,
If you had looked more closely
Maybe you wouldn’t have
Thrown it into the surf
And let it sink without a trace.