Saturday morning

Cicadas disturb the morning peace
By the blue blue lake;
A rowing boat drifts
Lazily in the distance,
But Up close they are working hard,
Laboured breath, no words,
Just the oarlocks creaking,
Paddles splash amongst ripples;

Women jog past, cyclists,
Pounding footsteps echo thoughts,
Shaping their bodies with movement,
No time to stop and chat,
No time to worry about discrimination,
Education funding funding, asylum seekers,
Domestic violence is left at home,
Because out here is where the truth is,
Your own determination
Before meeting friends for coffee.


Juliet, so fair,
Your love was true and trusting,
Your wounded heart
You gave away
To another Romeo’s lusting.

The rose he touched,
With first love falsely promised,
Your pearly bud,
His fingertips,
His whispered words seemed honest.

Love’s sweet kiss, his lips,
He tempted you with pleasure,
You gave yourself
Upon his blade,
He left you for another treasure.

One more kiss

Come over here
Take my hand
You know the secrets
Behind this man
Lay down beside me
All night long
Just one more kiss
I’ll sing you my song

No more shadows
No more tears
A gentle touch
Takes away our fears
Stay close beside me
All night long
For one more kiss
I’ll sing you my song

Each stolen moment
Time goes fast
No more future
No more past
When you’re beside me
All night long
For an everlasting kiss
I’ll sing you my song

Promise to you

Truth in love
You and I
Hand in hand
We will try
All we can…
This is my
Promise to you

Trusting love
Me and you
Side by side
All we do
Forever and…
This is my
Promise to you

At night
When time is
Standing still
In your eyes
I always will…

This is my
Promise to you

Wanting love
Feeling right
It’s chemistry
Holding tight
To the moment…
This is my
Promise to you

Finding love
Knowing it
Late at night
Showing it
We’ll find a way…
This is my
Promise to you

To love again

There I stood at the edge of the river,
With no-one beside me,
Casting stones into the water,
Watching the ripples fade away,
Watching shadows on the water,
The sun disappearing behind a cloud,
Chilled by a cool breeze,
Seeking balance in my thoughts.
That’s where you found me,
Gently taking my hand,
Leading me home,
Showing me your love,
Sharing your faith,
Giving me your trust,
Patiently guiding my steps,
Waiting for me to catch up
If I faltered,
Warming me with your body,
Smiling into my eyes,
Reaching deep into my soul,
Revealing that my heart
Was still beating,
Providing a light to pursue,
As your lips met mine,
Filling me with your passion,
Caressing my face,
Crying out my name…
And that’s when I knew
That it was possible
To love again.

Cupid watches

Cupid watches two strangers
Passing on the street,
He draws an arrow
From his quiver,
Holds it to his bow,
Waiting for the right moment,
Hesitating, because she is happy,
Flowers in her hand,
White dress on her mind,
Eyes full of dreams,
No, now is not the time,
Cupid lowers his arrow,
But he keeps watching,
Observing the strangers,
Over the years,
Through their changes,
Seeing them grow,
Biding his time,
Waiting for the right moment,
Watching the tears,
Feeling the pain,
Yearning for the loss,
Discovering new pathways,
Acceptance, contentment, happiness.

Cupid watches two strangers
Passing on the street,
He draws an arrow
From his quiver,
Holds it to his bow,
Taking careful aim,
Now is the moment
For these two to find each other,
Cupid smiles
And lets the arrow go.

Circles in my mind

I spent all night wondering
How to tell you how I feel,
How you set my heart a racing,
How your kisses are so real,
How thoughts of you go round and round
Like circles in my mind,
How I’ve never been so certain,
How I’ve lost all track of time.

I’m listening to you sleeping,
I wonder what you dream,
Am I walking close beside you?
Does that hand belong to me?
Do thoughts of me go round and round
Like circles in your mind?
Do you wonder if you’re certain?
Do you lose all track of time?

Tomorrow is another day,
Just like the day before,
Stretched out in the distance,
Each day for ever more,
I see our paths go round and round
Like circles in my mind,
I’ll be waiting for you
Until the end of time.

Christmas wish

I could write it in a Christmas card,
Or wait for Valentine’s Day,
An Easter egg in autumn
Is just too far away,
I could send a special
Thought to you
When April turns to May,
To get you through
The winter chills
And warm your heart that way,
Or make the most
Of you in August,
Send you gifts
Like a princess,
But I wouldn’t
Want you thinking
I was just
Like all the rest,
So I’ll have to
Give my message
To you in person,
Just like this,
When you wake
Up every morning
It will start off
With a kiss,
What happens next
I’m not so sure,
I guess that’s up to you,
But no matter
Where it leads us
You should know
That I love you.

Another drifter like me

I’m just gonna play
A little acoustic thing,
Tell a few stories
As I strum and sing,
While you stand
Around and talk
And have a few beers,
About a long time ago
When I started out
Busking in front of the
Sydney Opera House,
When an old man
Came by and stopped
Right in front of me,
Well he stood there
And listened to me play
For a while,
Nodded his head,
Gave me a smile,
When I stopped for a break
He came over
And started talking to me.
“Son, I love your sound,
And the way you’re playing,
I’m really digging
The things you’re saying,
I don’t think I’ve seen you
Coming ’round here before.”
He asked me where I’d been,
Where I was going,
When he slapped his leg
Said “I knew you were
A drifter like me”.
Well, you know my friends
That got me thinking,
About the money in my pocket,
How my fortunes were sinking,
Maybe it was time I went out
And found myself a proper job.
So I packed away my old guitar,
Laid it gently
In the back of the car,
Drove away as the sun
Sank behind the Harbour Bridge.
Now twenty five long years
Have gone by
And each day I go to work
In a suit and a tie,
Sit and listen to the buskers
While eating my lunch,
Some days I’ll come across
A young guy playing sweet,
Maybe I’ll listen
From across the street,
Then walk over for a chat,
Find out where he comes from.
I’ll say “I really dig
That tune you’re playing,
And I can tell by the words
Of your songs your saying
That I’ve finally found
Another drifter like me”.
Maybe he’ll keep playing
On his old guitar,
Lift his voice
Right up to the stars,
And sing another song
For all the drifters like me.

Autumn of love

Orange autumn

Clouds move quickly
Across the sky,
Days grow shorter,
Nights are colder,
Another day goes by,
The world grows older,
Leaves tremble in the breeze,
Holding tight,
Prolonging the end,
Not ready to fall,
Even though branches
Have turned stiff and cold,
No longer caring,
Letting go of the past,
Forgetting memories of spring,
Blossoms and new romance,
Turned to rust, drying, crackling,
As thoughts turn to winter days,
Of being alone, dark nights,
Frost covering the beating heart,
Icy fingers bringing tears,
Frozen words escaping
From cold lips,
You can never go back,
Never go back.